Dressage, Saving Grace

Lessons In Letting Go


Yesterday’s riding lesson has left me so sore today that it hurts to even breathe. But, each breath is a thankful reminder of God’s grace. He has been at work in every aspect of my life, teaching me that the best things happen when I just let go. Yesterday’s ride was the ultimate metaphor – each time I allowed the slightest amount of tension to enter even the smallest part of my body, each time I tried to “take control” of the movement, the ride would get very rough, I’d bounce and lose the control I was working so hard to gain. At these times, the Instructor would remind me – LET GO. Just feel the motion and allow it to move your own body. I’d let go and our bodies would meld together, the movement would grow and grow, getting bigger and BIGGER, and we’d float along TOGETHER, moving as one.

Quit trying so hard. Relinquish control. Give up on your dreams. Give up on your own desires and plans. Give it all to Jesus. Ask Him, tell Him – Jesus, take me, take all that I am and use me, ┬ámove through me, let my desires be Your desires. BE all that moves me. Do this, and you’ll find God giving you better than you could ever have created for yourself. Better than you could ever have dreamed – all the way from the big, important things in life, right down to the smallest details, like a ride on a horse.

Yesterday’s ride was quite possibly the greatest ride of my life… and a great translation FOR life – right down to the very name of the horse. Athalia – “God Be Exalted.”