Frustration at work has been extremely high lately. After one particularly trying event this morning, I ripped a paper towel off the roll, looked a coworker in the eye, said “This is how this job makes me feel,” and commenced to rapidly rip that paper towel into pieces.

Then we laughed. Hard.

And we felt so much better. The tension of the moment had dissipated.

That moment provided the spark of creative inspiration.

I’m going to make a “Destruction Bucket” and each time I need to release some frustration, I’ll rip to shreds some paper, then throw it into the Destruction Bucket. Once I have enough shreds, I’ll make paper mâché and create something out of the shreds of my frustration. I think this could be a great teaching tool for our kids, as well, as they learn how to work through their emotions as they grow and mature.

What a wonderful idea! It actually makes me thankful for having experienced the frustrations of the morning! 🙂

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Inspiration From Destruction


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