A Little Wisdom for the Day

Gave this little tidbit of advice to my niece and thought I’d share with you, too – whoever you may be. 🙂

Life is a marathon, not a hundred yard dash… Just keep your eye on the finish line through everything that comes your way. Sometimes people get in your path and you have to slow down, sometimes you hurt or are just tired and its all you can do to just plug along, sometimes there are hills along the way and its ALL. YOU. CAN. DO. to even put one foot in front of the other.

But you know what’s on the other side of that hill? The downhill slope – it’s all gravy on the downhill side, but you have to climb before you can fly! Keep pushing, keep plugging, keep your eye on that finish line and before you know it you will be soaring like an eagle!!

Our Adoption Journey

Adoption & Breastfeeding

A few weeks ago I paid a visit to the doctor to inquire about the possibility of inducing lactation so that our baby will have the benefit of breastfeeding. I was very nervous as I made my way to the doctor’s office and had no idea of how I would be perceived or treated. My own doctor was very excited and supportive of the idea, but had no practical experience with such a situation as ours, so she had made this appointment for me with a doctor I had never before spoken to, much less met.

I need not have ever worried. From the moment the sweet nurse whisked me to a room, I was put at ease and felt incredibly encouraged. I never even had to ask, “is this possible?” It was immediately clear that, not only was it possible, but this experienced team was fully confident in the success of such an endeavor. All of the necessary steps to make it happen were explained by the doctor, my questions were answered, the prescriptions were made out, hugs were exchanged and I made my way out the door into a bright, sunny day.

I filled my first prescription that day, started it later in the week, and in the meantime did some research to look up as much information on the drugs I’ll be taking. When I asked the doctor about the drug he was going to prescribe Regnalan if i remember correctly) he admitted there was actually a better drug, one that would be better for the baby, but it would be harder to find – Domperidone. After a week of research, I was surprised to discover a compounding pharmacy right in my own town that could fill my prescription.

I won’t actually need this drug until we have an idea of when we’ll be bringing a baby home. (And at this point we have accepted three referrals, but were not chosen by the Birth Mothers. We are expecting to receive details on another referral later this week.) You see, right now, my body is basically being “primed” by my current prescription (the active pills only in a particular birth control pill). Once I begin the Domperidone, lactation will be induced by the drug AND pumping. Hopefully, we will have enough time to get my body producing what the baby needs, but not so much time that I’m going through the trouble of pumping for “an eternity” before baby arrives. It’s a balancing act.

This will require perseverance and a lot of work, but I believe every child deserves the benefit of breastfeeding and I’ll do everything within my power to give our children that benefit.

And (especially now that I have such a supportive doctor & nurse) thankfully I’m hard-headed enough to not care if the world DOES think I’m crazy for my efforts.

The two of us went to a Breast Is Best class at the hospital last night, and our immediate reception was not the best once it was discovered we are adopting. We were informed that this class was not what we needed as it was “only basics”, would not be covering special issues, and was for mothers at “full production”. I stated that was our goal and my doctor was VERY CONFIDENT. What I wanted to tell her was a few choice words along with “get outta my way, I’m here to learn!” Or, as my dear friend put it – don’t you know I don’t do anything half way?! In any case, I held my temper, bit my tongue, we were accepted into the class, learned much, and the woman ended up being very supportive and encouraging. She even came back later and said she should not have tried to discourage us from taking the class. It ended up being a good experience all the way around.

I know there will be many situations in our future where others will not understand our choices or our path. I’m okay with that. I just hope that I will continue stepping ahead, turning difficult situations into learning, growing experiences for myself, my family, my child. I fully expect I will.. I mean, don’t you know? I don’t do anything half way!!


Never Give Up, Never Give In



So many times, yesterday’s thrilling win almost didn’t happen for me. A couple of weeks ago, when asked if I was going to our company’s go kart racing team tryouts, I said I was doing something else, that I would just be too slow (bad attitude much?) and that I wouldn’t get to drive, so why go (wow, what crawled up my butt and died?!)? Thankfully, my co-worker encouraged me (pushed, prodded and harangued me, really), and so I went. And I beat everyone! I earned my spot as a driver!

Afterwards, I buckled down on learning strategies. Practice sessions went extremely well and confidence was running high. Then, just before race day, the Curse of Eve descends upon me in full force. I spent the wee hours of race day morning curled in the fetal position, writhing in pain. I was so very tempted to call my crew chief and tell him he needed to call in a backup driver. But…..

I remembered another race day with the same painful beginnings. This particular race day was my first half marathon. On that day I was buoyed by the words of my friend, once a world-contender in rowing, who told me some of her biggest competitions coincided with some of the worst times of the month. She channeled the pain as fuel to work harder. 

As the pain eased up, I nodded off and dreamt of my friend. When I awoke, the pain had subsided and I dressed in the shirt I had earned at my first half marathon. I’m now calling it my lucky shirt…

Because, well, lucky or not, we brought home the win!

Last year, we worked so hard and came so close, but ended up disqualified through an error of pitting too early. THIS year, we came back and took home a lot of trophies! For me, personally, that day could just as easily have been a lazy Saturday in the hammock or a miserable day on the couch, if I would have allowed my “stinking thinking” to rule my actions, or if I would have allowed my pain to rule my day. Instead, I pushed through it and ended up victorious.

Whatever it is you’re going through, keep pushing. Never give up! Never give in!