Working Mommy

It’s a good thing I enjoy my job. Circumstances being as they are, it’s best for us that I keep my job, so, though it’s no walk in the park, it’s a good thing I enjoy it. Because after three months off with Little Miss, if I disliked my job, I would quit in a heartbeat to be home with her. I am so thankful Hubby’s parents moved near us – having someone to watch her that we love and trust really gives us peace of mind.

The big battle is simply Time itself – long hours at work make for short hours at home with those I love most. And then, when you throw in the necessities of keeping a household (I’m mainly speaking of shopping here), the hours at home grow ever shorter.

Yesterday a typical stop at WalMart (one of those that you go in for one thing and come out an hour later with a full shopping cart – the very reason I usually avoid WalMart), got me to thinking, researching and planning.

I do a lot of online shopping, and I’ve even used SkyMiles Shopping, but I decided to go further with it and really work towards reducing, or even eliminating the time spent on visiting the grocery and super markets. I haven’t yet found any store that sells fresh produce online (I live in a rural area, so many options available to city-dwellers just aren’t viable for us), but I am already buying our milk from a local farmer, and we really do love visiting the Farmer’s Market (when we’re not working). A lazy Saturday morning strolling through the Farmer’s Market together is as fun for us as a Date Night.

As far as SkyMiles, if I’m going to be shopping online, I want to optimize the end result as greatly as possible. While I’m sticking to this new plan, we’ll be racking up SkyMiles and hopefully that will help as we maintain contact with Little Miss Ma’am’s biological mother. …. Or maybe we’ll finally get to go to the beach like I’m always fantasizing about. … Or maybe we can combine the two into one. … Anyhow, I digress.

Yesterday I implemented this New Plan and ordered enough formula, bottle liners, dog food, oatmeal, and I can’t remember what else, to last us, hopefully, two weeks. WalMart’s everyday low prices, no impulse buys, free shipping, no gas burned, no time wasted in traffic, no time wasted in the store, no long-line frustration, SkyMiles accrued, and our goods will arrive in a few short days. Sounds like a win-win to me!

Now, if only I can find a grocery that works with Skymiles and sells fresh produce online with free store-pickup, I’ll be set!

Time is the most precious resource – it can’t be bought, but it can be saved. Here’s to making the most of what little we have!


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