Our Adoption Journey

New Mommy

That’s right – we have our baby girl! We’ve actually had her for a few months now, which explains the lack of blog posts – I’ve been savoring every moment and had a complete lack of desire to share those moments with the world at large. Now, I’m back to work (BOO!) and during my downtime am savoring the reliving of mommy hood moments.

Life rarely ever turns out as expected, and this journey is no exception – there were a few frustrating moments, but overall we have been blessed beyond belief. We have a perfectly healthy, happy daughter that, amazingly, looks and even, according to my Mom, acts like I did as a baby.

We ended up choosing to formula feed, rather than breastfeed (mainly due to scheduling delays and exhaustion). I would feel guilty about that choice but for the fact that our little girl is as healthy as a horse.

I can not even begin to put into words how much I love this daughter of ours and how much she lights up my life. I won’t even try. I’ll just say…



2 thoughts on “New Mommy

  1. Amy says:

    Hi Jenni. I wonder what you thought of your experience with Faithful Adoption Consultants and if you considered their services worth the money. My husband and I are ready to start on the adoption journey, despite being thorough overwhelmed by the cost, and have been discussing using a Consultant Firm to aid in the process. Thanks for any feedback!

    • Hi Amy, while I can’tell speak to the benefit of any other consulting agency, yes I believe FAC is worth the expense. They have a great wealth of contacts and knowledge and only work with adoption agencies in States whose laws favor the adoptive parents. They sped up our wait time GREATLY and when we referred friends to them, our friends had an almost immediate placement. Not everyone’s is as fast as that, but I think their average is three months. Plus, they offer support afterwards and have a yearly retreat for FAC families. They are kind and caring and I can’t say enough good about them. I highly recommend them! Good luck!

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