Never Give Up, Never Give In



So many times, yesterday’s thrilling win almost didn’t happen for me. A couple of weeks ago, when asked if I was going to our company’s go kart racing team tryouts, I said I was doing something else, that I would just be too slow (bad attitude much?) and that I wouldn’t get to drive, so why go (wow, what crawled up my butt and died?!)? Thankfully, my co-worker encouraged me (pushed, prodded and harangued me, really), and so I went. And I beat everyone! I earned my spot as a driver!

Afterwards, I buckled down on learning strategies. Practice sessions went extremely well and confidence was running high. Then, just before race day, the Curse of Eve descends upon me in full force. I spent the wee hours of race day morning curled in the fetal position, writhing in pain. I was so very tempted to call my crew chief and tell him he needed to call in a backup driver. But…..

I remembered another race day with the same painful beginnings. This particular race day was my first half marathon. On that day I was buoyed by the words of my friend, once a world-contender in rowing, who told me some of her biggest competitions coincided with some of the worst times of the month. She channeled the pain as fuel to work harder. 

As the pain eased up, I nodded off and dreamt of my friend. When I awoke, the pain had subsided and I dressed in the shirt I had earned at my first half marathon. I’m now calling it my lucky shirt…

Because, well, lucky or not, we brought home the win!

Last year, we worked so hard and came so close, but ended up disqualified through an error of pitting too early. THIS year, we came back and took home a lot of trophies! For me, personally, that day could just as easily have been a lazy Saturday in the hammock or a miserable day on the couch, if I would have allowed my “stinking thinking” to rule my actions, or if I would have allowed my pain to rule my day. Instead, I pushed through it and ended up victorious.

Whatever it is you’re going through, keep pushing. Never give up! Never give in!


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