The barn I volunteer at has a manure spreader. A very FULL manure spreader. And today, I carefully added 5 or 6 more loads into it. Very carefully. Not so carefully, though, that I didn’t get horse poo all over myself. All over my pants, my shirt, in my pockets, my boots, no telling where else.

Anyhow, the plan was, after a few hours at the barn, come home, shower, clean up the kitchen and get started on an early supper. But with the first real warm spell we’ve had in…. Oh, I don’t know when… I mean, warm enough I worked up a sweat with a short ride… All I really want to do is soak up the sunshine. The dogs agree – the dishes can wait.

All Things Horses

Covered in horse poo, sunshine & dogs


One thought on “Covered in horse poo, sunshine & dogs

  1. Been there with the spreader dilemma this week. It’s even more fun when you have “city” visitors sitting in their cars (because the barn smells like horse!) and watch as you struggle, ease, plead, and fail to stuff more into the overloaded spreader. Nothing like an audience to make you feel like a champ!

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