My apologies to Julia Child, but I have had no great success with her directions concerning pushing the egg whites over the yolks immediately after slipping the egg into the simmering water. Especially this morning. Normally, i follow her directions until I begin to see a snafu, then I improvise. I was determined to stick to her instructions this morning. And my egg whites scattered throughout the water, causing the water to cloud and foam. So, on the second egg, I did what works best in Mi Cucina – I allowed the egg to sit a few beats, then I gently shove the egg white over. It doesn’t stick to the yolk, but this does keep the egg from sticking to the pan, I suppose. In any case, both eggs turned out delicious.

Chili, Eggs & Cheese
Normally I make this with scrambled eggs, but I decided to mix it up today since I’m on a roll with poached eggs.

Poached Eggs on buttered toast, covered with chili, sprinkled with Chipotle Gouda. A squeeze of lemon for taste, garnished with kale. Mmmmmmm-mmmmmm! Breakfast is served!


Food, Phoneography

A Texas Twist on Poached Eggs


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