Fox Hunting

The hunting gets impossibly faster and wilder each weekend!


About the best I can give you for today is to quote Diana – “Someone must have been hauling butt, because those hoofprints were REALLY far apart!!”

As for me, I think it’s possible that I might have done something right, but I really don’t think so as I pretty much got lost, made several bad directional decisions, and ended up being left behind. On a high note, I managed to avoid hitting another tree (it was a spectacular near-catastrophe in front of everybody), and managed to find a few “lost” hounds, as well as the remainder of the field that got left behind when “The Fantastic Four” (Susan, Jeff, Mary & Carey) jumped a barbed-wire fence in pursuit of the hard running hounds. Once again, the hound trailer was called to the Webb Hill Country Club to pick up hounds off the golf course! The Fantastic Four and their handy hunters passed us in the trailer as we hacked home. It was a long, long ride home. Overall, CardioTrainer tracked my day’s ride at 15.5 miles in 3.5 hours… NATRC eat my dust! As for me, I’m still coughing up The Fantastic Four’s dust!


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