Fox Hunting

Yes we’re crazy… crazy in love.


I’m tired. My bones hurt. I think it’s way past time to get a new pair of work boots, they are so worn out. My body is screaming for a break. A weekend of absolutely nothing but rest. Well, it will be awhile before I allow it that luxury. After we get this morning over with, we will have only four more hunts left in the season. Four. Then, before we know it, the dog days of summer will have us swaddled in heat and humidity, and we will be crying for mornings like this… this tired morning that we woke up far too early (4 a.m.) after going to sleep far too late (stayed up cleaning tack), exhausted from a long week at work and yet happy despite it all because those beautiful hounds are singing our music. We’re halfway there. My heart thrills to think what the day might hold for us…


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