All Things Horses

Be still my galloping heart!


Shaggy jumped his first oxer today. Poor thing had to deal with some poor riding, but he went over it none-the-less. It was smaller than some of the coops we’ve taken, but something about it had me scared & I kept thinking I’d fall off or he’d stop. So, rather than setting a good, forward pace, I sent him to it in a slow canter, lacking impulsion, and that just made it harder to ride over. Oddly enough, my heart was pounding. We’ve jumped bigger obstacles in the hunt field, but of course, there’s less time to think or fear, and you only have time to get it done and do your best to keep up. Well, we dropped the rails to make it itsy bitsy and I took it and the coop several times at a good pace. I guess I just need to school and school and school until it’s no big deal. I really need more lessons, too, but we will have to get past this month, first. Until then, maybe Jeff will continue as my videographer/groundman and I will make it my goal to jump and jump and jump until I get comfortable with it and get some bareback rides in to work on my legs.

It’s so funny… one day I think I’ve finally conquered my fears, and the next, a tiny little oxer resurrects them. Well, I’m up for the challenge and WILL get past this!!


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