Fox Hunting

Finishing the year, not so much with style, but with a BANG!


I’m not gonna lie, I entered into this weekend with some deep, mystifying apprehension. I nearly wimped out and stayed behind. But the closer we got to Hunt County the easier it was to talk my fears down and remind myself that this was my LAST CHANCE to hunt this year and the next day’s hunt would be the most wonderful and right way to start the New Year.

You see, I was feeling the “second day sore” from my first-ever 5 mile run… a run that I wasn’t entirely ready for, but that was necessary to make as it was my goal, set back in the Spring, to make my first mile by a certain date (which I met weeks early) and my first 5-miler by January 1. A few weeks ago, I got this great idea to accomplish this goal on Christmas morning… a sort of Christmas gift to myself, if you will. In all this scheming, I forgot to take into account how tired and bloated I would be from two days of cooking & eating for Christmas Eve, and just how busy we would be on Christmas day…and weighed down and bloated from the “Season of Excess”. So, even the day after Christmas was NOT a good day for running. And then one thing or another kept getting in the way and before you know it, it’s the middle of the week and my time is running out… I certainly couldn’t plan to run on New Year’s Eve – we’d be hunting, and eating, and exhausted. So, Wednesday I woke up and said “NOW OR NEVER!” And I did it! My first 5 mile run EVER! The last mile was tough. My quads and hip flexors were tightening up and it was getting harder and harder to force them to keep on keeping on. I couldn’t stop, though. This was one goal that I had the power to accomplish, and dammit, I was gonna get it done!


Every choice has it’s consequences.

I’ve been needing to visit my chiropractor for over a month now (I missed my appointment last month, so it’s been over 2 months since my last adjustment, which always spells trouble for me…you’d think I’d learn). There’s this catch in my lower back that has been hurting and I’ve just not made time to get my ass to the doctor. So, 5 miles of pounding on my lower back sent the muscles into spasms. One second,I’m feeling like freaking King Kong beating my chest, hanging off the Empire State Building. The next, my back is so sore and hurting I can’t even sit back in my comfy Lazy Boy.

Well, several ibuprofen & a couple of ice packs later, I was on my horse trail riding with some buddies. My back was ok as long as nothing touched it, but my quads were sore and not much use to me. Posting the trot felt like torture. It was a beautiful ride, though, and the dogs ran 5 or 6 armadillos to covert, which was fun to watch, so the pain was worthwhile. It was a wonderful ride. It was a slow, leisurely ride. NOT the kind of ride I could expect on a hunt. A hunt is certainly fun… INFINITELY fun…. but it’s AGRESSIVE and exhilirating and fast-paced and hard work and exhausting.


The day after my run, I could barely move. I shuffled rather than walked and I had to pick up my leg with my hands and place it up in the truck, then pull/push myself in. We ran some errands in town, so I was thankful for the opportunity to work some soreness out, but poor Jeff was forced to walk in slow motion! Haha  Seriously, though, I am so very thankful for a husband that loves me so much and is willing to do what it takes to keep pace with me, whether I’m pushing my horse to warp speed or shuffling along at a snail’s pace.

So, the next day was the day of my “second day sore” AND the last hunt of 2010. And I had this little bit of dread. By the time I got on my horse, I was still wishy-washy about whether I’d be jumping or not. I had an extra cup of port and decided to throw caution to the wind. Posting was painful, but jumping was no big deal. My form sucked and my riding was crappy, but the hunt was fairly slow and I survived. Ha! More than survived… we defeated our bogey!! We jumped Amanda’s Ascent with no hesitation or fault! My form was crappy and I levitated a foot above the saddle for a moment, but my Good Boy got us over and WE DID IT! A perfect ending to a perfect year!!


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