Fox Hunting

He’s a certifiable First Flight Fox Huntin’ Shagadellic Beast!


Today was another great day of cubbing at Cloudline, despite the heat, humidity, and sweat-drenched tweeds! Chancey went out in the Hill Toppers on his first hunt with Jeff, and he made us proud by moving out and doing well. Shaggy and I made a full day in First Flight and he did it in fine form! I really am very proud of him. He showed no hesitancy, he cleared all his jumps with no rubs, and he did it all well even when his rider wasn’t doing too well. Our first coop was great, but I leaned forward on the takeoff of the second one and that nearly got me in trouble. On the landing my upper body came down on his neck, I lost a stirrup and nearly fell over his shoulder! Somehow I managed to right myself and afterwards I was certain to SIT UP and keep a strong leg on him at our remaining jumps. We did well after that and we even jumped the Goal Post jump! I couldn’t believe it! When we installed that jump I had no idea I’d be taking Shaggy over it a short week later… and doing it WELL! By the time we made it back in, the thought entered my head “I HAVE A HUNTER!”


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