Fox Hunting

If Spring has sprung, has Fall fallen?


The State Fair is in full swing, there’s a carnival in every grocery store parking lot, Football teams are in high gear and the smell of candy corn is in the air… yep, Fall is finally here.  *big sigh of relief*

Fall has ushered in cooling temperatures, another wonderful birthday, the start of a new Hunt season (big YAY), and – dare I say it – the tiniest hint of a promise of some clouds to one day think about the possibility of raining on a scorched and dusty Socagee Ranch.  Yes, we have been hurtin for rain like nobody’s business and I’ve started to wonder if I will ever get all the dust out of my nose & throat. 

It is such a wonderfully relieving change of scenery to go up to Hunt County where there’s some “real live grass”!  We’ve been to Cloudline three times in the past month – work parties, cubbing and some good eatin – and went First Flight for the first time! Woo Hoo!  I had jumped my first coop ever in a lesson with Joanna Alexander a week or two prior, so I had conquered my fears, laid some demons to rest, and was feeling confident despite the fact that my Shagadellic Beast had never jumped a coop. I had well-placed faith in his incredibly strong desire to keep up with the herd!

I must admit, though, that I was a bit concerned about Jeff & Deacon… would Deacon jump? Would Jeff stay on? Would they make it out alive? Would they ever hunt with me again????  Haha, I doubt my thoughts were THAT dramatic … then again, knowing me, they sure could’ve been!  In any case, the sight of Deacon’s enormous leap over his first little coop and Jeff’s equally huge grin gave me such joy that the memory of it still warms my heart and brightens my day two weeks later. I hope to carry that vision with me all the days of my life.


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