Fox Hunting

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s… I dunno what the crap it is.



I left the house in my usual pre-dawn foggy stupor this morning, headed to work in the murky darkness of a new moon. By the time I’d made it a couple of miles down the ranch road, I’d already had my second sighting of coyote puppies! Oh wait…after googling images of coyote puppies, I realize these were NOT coyote puppies. Ooooo, ooooo, THEY WERE FOXES!! YAY, I finally spotted foxes on the ranch! 

Um…..wait a sec. Those pix of North American Grey Foxes climbing up trees, looking all nimbly-bimbly and saying “meow” didn’t look like what I’d seen either. OH, OH, OH, those other grey fox pics look like them, though!!

….uhhhh, but so do some of those coyote pix.

Aghhhh….if only I had gone to sleep at a decent hour last night maybe my brain would be functioning more fully. If only I’d stopped and looked more closely as they darted across the road. If, if, if. Ugh.

Oh well, one thing is fo sho… whatever those three creatures were, they were definitely worth yelling Tally-Ho! The way they were running it looked like they would certainly give good chase!

And it was exciting to see such pretty foxes so early in the morning! I mean coyotes! I mean foxes!

At least, I THINK they were pretty.


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