Fox Hunting

Eenie, meenie, miney, moe, catch a coyote by it’s toe….

WOW, we have been spotting several coyotes on the ranch this week! It’s too bad we can’t yet invite the Cloudline Hounds out to reduce the population. They don’t bother us quite as much now that we’ve moved to the more populated north end of the ranch, but, when we were living on the other end at the Lake House, in the middle of the woods, we would hear them in the yard some nights. Oh, how they would sing! They never gave us too much trouble, but one evening I took my little Rosie out riding at twilight. We went down the trail to the pond, across the spillway and onto the dam, headed deeper into the woods. A coyote sang out to the north of us. A pair answered to the south, and then several cried out west of us…the direction we were headed. They continued singing back and forth and the hair raised on the back of my neck… they were CLOSE and getting closer! I didn’t know if they would attack us or not, but I was unarmed and not about to take any chances. We headed back to the house and called it a day.

That was the only time I’ve ever been scared by coyotes. Usually I get very excited at sighting them, but usually they are running away, not TOWARDS me! lol

“People in Chicago walk past coyotes every day and never see them. The population has increased rapidly. In most cases, people are totally oblivious to it. There will be coyotes hiding in bushes or in the parks or something and people will be walking by with their dog and they’ll have no idea there’s a coyote there.”
By Stan Gehrt
Me & Rosie in the backyard of the Lake House


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